by Mya Gomez

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SPANTO 04:13
CCTV 04:54


NON is proud to present "INMATE"
The Debut EP by Mya Gomez

INMATE is my personal exploration of carceral oppression in English detention centres. inspired by looking introspectively to my teenage, indie years where I felt safe and familiar, and by looking into my recent experiences, for the martial, repetitive rhythms that mimic the routine of Colnbrooke and Yarlswood. INMATE is a synthesis of my traumas, past and present.

SPANTO is a figure in a Telenovela I used to watch with my mother called El Rey del Los Cielos that would appear to intimidate the main character but was in reality non-threatening just like Home Office. SPANTO is about being scared in the detention centre, desperate for answers and awaiting to see my boyfriend, friends and family. I was monitored and surveilled for the absolute duration of my detention by CCTV. Despite these restrictions, I managed to keep my iPhone hidden in between my thighs under a bunch of sanitary pads, maintaining a personal sense of agency.

EX-NARCISSIST is when my eyes started to open overseas with all the girls I was detained with, most of whom were asylum seekers and ex-convicts from all around the world. We were all scared and but still in solidarity with each other, not letting each other cry alone. It led to a revelation of how trivial everything I used to worry about in LA actually was and how silly it really is to have an individualistic approach to engaging with society.

RELEASED is how I felt after getting a good cry out when I landed in LAX after my escorted deportation, talking to my boyfriend Dexter on a phone that wasn't tapped, seeing my friends Alicia and Brian at the airport and stepping back into a world of familiarity. I was peaceful knowing that I was back where I started, with nothing but myself.

- Mya Gomez


released March 30, 2016

Artwork by Amber Nicole


all rights reserved


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